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Nothing looks like Titanium

Titanium’s unique properties make it an excellent material for bicycle frame construction. Its high strength, low density, low modulus, excellent fatigue and corrosion resistance deliver a skeleton that is not only extremely strong and durable, but also incredibly lightweight.

Nothing rides like Titanium

Similar to steel, Titanium has an in-built flexibility, only it is more pronounced. Therefore it is ever so slightly ‘springy’, which means it can absorb road vibration before it reaches the rider. (A Titanium seat post more or less eliminates it.)

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Rikulau Promenade Flat Bar Road Bike 

Released in 2013, Rikulau Premium Grade CrMo steel tubeset is the newest addition to Rikulau family. The raw material, however, is from the renowned Nippon Steel (Japan). Precision extrusion, heat treatment and all other processes are done in Taiwan to assure the accurate specifications required by Rikulau. The new tubeset is still a 4130 CrMo, but it behaves very differently from its close relatives.

The Promenade flat bar road bike comes standard with SRAM Apex, Orbit Design Atom wheels and Maxis Re Fuse tyres. 

The bike also comes in a drop bar version.

VAN NICHOLAS have just released their online bike builder. You can now configure your dream ride and see exactly what the bike will look like! Design the bike of your dreams today. Click here to great your dream bike build underway


Ride On Magazine Rates the Rikulau 931

"Twenty three bikes. That’s how many I’ve tested or owned over the past year and a half. There have been some genuinely great ones, some not so great ones and everything in between. Frame materials have included carbon fibre, titanium, chromoly, aluminum and eve flax fibre. Each bike has had its own mannerisms, quirks and ‘personality’ and, like people there’s some I’ve gotten along with and some I haven’t. Out of all of these, the Rikulau 931 might just be my soul mate."

Check out the rest of the review here.


Rikulau Master Ultegra Build

We have sent a Rikulau Master Ultegra build up to Bicycling Australia for review. Watch this space. In the meantime here are some great snaps of the bike.  


Van Nicholas Aquilo - Bicycling Australia has just tested the Van Nicholas Aquilo. 

Overall: Classic lines, aerospace materials, high tech components; the Aquilo has it all. A bike for those who don’t want a carbon frame, prefer the style of a more traditional frame, or want the durability of titanium. The Aquilo is a race bike with café cred that doesn’t need to be treated with kid gloves and will still look good in many years to come.  

Click here to read the full review.  

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Orbit Wheels are now available to complement your great titanium bike build. With the durable light weight design there is a Orbit Design wheelset to suit everyone needs.  





The Joys of Ti

A Ti bike is nothing less than hand crafted art in motion

The initial cost appears to be high but the lifetime cost isn't: Ti lasts

Titanium looks like nothing else

Titanium rides like nothing else

Ti is tough metal - but it isn't heavy

The initial cost appears to be high but the lifetime cost isn't: Ti lasts